Welcome To My Learning Log

This site will be a collection of my achievements and reflections as I explore very uncharted waters for me…the educational technology world. I hope you will will learn and grow with me.

I am still very unsure if I will get out of this program what I want. I decided to pursue this program after reflection on my use of technology in education. I began an interesting journey about 2 1/2  years ago when a dean from my institution suggested I make a previous face-to-face course in evidence based medicine into an online course. Simple right? Quick and easy right? Not so fast my friend as Lee Corso would say. It took a over a year to redesign the material for online use. During this time, I began learning about online and mobile education not only from a local education colleague but mainly by following thought leaders on Twitter. I began to test tools I learned about on Twitter on unsuspecting UAB internal medicine residents. Many of my attempts to use them failed for a variety of reasons. I realized I had no reason for using a tool other than for its “coolness factor”. I decided I wanted formal training in educational technology. So here I am.


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