Code of Professional Ethics in Educational Technology

Prior to reflecting on the readings and writing a paper about a real-life ethical scenario I had not considered the broader commitment educational technologists have than educators. As an educator I felt my duty was only to the learner. I wanted to create an optimal learning experience for each person. Educational technologists also have to consider society and the profession when developing educational materials and processes.

The scenario I present in my paper is very similar to an issue I am dealing with personally. I am conflicted about doing a lot of extra work to make all my current videos accessible. I hadn’t previously considered this issue until these readings. I truly don’t feel the amount work necessary will be beneficial to me or my learners but I understand ethically I should do this.I would be more willing to invest the significant time and energy required if I thought I would be helping someone but I have never received any feedback on my videos requesting that they be captioned. As I develop future videos I plan to add captioning so that they are accessible to the hearing impaired.



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