Learning HTML and CSS Can Be Frustrating & Exciting

I have no previous knowledge of web design or coding so learning this at age 48 as part of EDTECH 502 has been very interesting. Even though I was in the first group of students at my high school in 1981 or so to use computers (the Radioshak TRS80) and have owned just about every iteration of home and portable computing device, I really only knew how to use them and not how they really worked or how to program them. I thought I was tech savvy until I had to be tech savvy and then I realized I really wasn’t.

It has been challenging to take a course online that is probably best taught face-to-face. I really need immediate feedback on errors I make or suggestions of how something could be designed differently. It is both challenging and frustrating to try to figure out on my own where I am going wrong. I fear I am not utilizing the full power of HTML and CSS because I just don’t understand it as well as I should. I am proud though of the page I designed today. I think it is visually appealing and easy to read. I also think it provides some useful information on netiquette.

When I began this course I felt I would never develop webpages in the future (nor did I have any desire to).I just wanted to get this required course over to get to things I really wanted to learn.  I told myself to focus on what excites me (which is the design phase of educational materials) and you will get through it. As I am gaining confidence in coding I am actually beginning to enjoy this and hoping I gain enough skills to develop more sophisticated educational pages. We shall see.


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