Use of Twitter in Medical Education: An Annotated Bibliography

Having previously conducted studies and systematic reviews, literature searching was nothing new for me. I had not previously used Google Scholar as a primary search engine. I mostly use PubMED to search MEDLINE. I like the features that Google Scholar offers and not having to use Boolean logic is a plus. I did not really use the research feature in Google Docs. I felt it was suggesting a lot of useless resources but it could be useful when writing a manuscript or developing an educational document as a source of varied material that could be included.

I had also never developed an annotated bibliography. This was very useful to document my thoughts about each reference and how I might use the information in the future. Here is the link to my annotated bibliography:

I do not like APA style mostly because it is not a style that is used in the medical literature. I find it to be less than user friendly (hanging indent, italics for part of a citation but not all of it???) to develop. AMA style is what I am used to and it is much less stuffy than APA (but what else would you expect from psychologists and psychiatrists). I guess  you just like what you are used to.

I did confirm what I expected with this assignment- there is a paucity of research on the use of Twitter in medical education. There is a paucity of research in using social media in medical education. This will change in the near future as journals are beginning to accept these manuscripts and new journals are being developed for this area (e.g. Journal of Medical Internet Research). I will continue to search for studies in this area with the plan to write a systematic review on the topic. I have also gained some ideas of how I might integrate Twitter into the various types of teaching that I do.


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