School Evaluation Summary

Evaluating my school’s technology use maturity was an interesting process. I was very surprised by how freely they shared information with me. I guess they were confident they would score well. Though this is supposed to be somewhat anonymous it really isn’t for me as there is only one medical school in my city.  I was also surprised by how different people I interviewed gave me very different responses- usually 180 degrees opposite each other. In the end I had to make a decision of who I trusted would have the best insight.

I was surprised by how well the medical school scored. I have been teaching in the school in various ways and settings since 1998 and I guess you don’t always see what is around you. I didn’t realize how much technology we use.  I did find two areas that really need the attention of administration. Planning does not involve stakeholders and formal training is very inadequate. I was unable to figure out who the MEIS (medical education information services) answers to. They do all planning, seemingly on their own. I developed and implemented an online course this year and only had to get approval from the MEC (medical education committee). I never got anyone else involved, nor was I asked to. No one from MEIS ever asked if I had any IT needs to implement the course.

I was somewhat surprised by the students that I interviewed. They felt very inadequate in their IT use skills. I guess the school feels Millennials should know how to use technology.  They are offered NO training at all when they arrive at the medical school. They are expected to learn as they go. I wonder how much early poor performance and anxiety is IT skill related and not medical knowledge related.

I plan to see if the school asks me for my evaluation. They know I undertook it. It will be interesting to see if they have interest in what I found.

Finally, I was surprised at the lack of background information I could find on this model. Either my searching skills are inadequate or the developers of this model have inadequately studied the model or published their findings. It seems to have reasonable face validity. I would like to learn more about it from a more scientific standpoint.

Blazer Medical School Maturity Benchmarks Survey

Blazer Medical School Maturity Benchmarks Evaluation Summary



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