Edtech 502 is over and I will miss it

When this course began I viewed it as a chore that I had to endure. I had no desire to learn web design. Now I really like it and will miss it. I have spent a lot of hours designing my pages and reading about topics (not that you can tell from my projects). 502 has offered me a creative outlet. I had forgotten how good project-based learning really is. My MPH degree was all project-based (we never took any tests) but it was in 1996-1998 and I had forgotten the satisfaction of completing a meaningful task and learning something simultaneously. I really need to rethink how I teach some of the things I do. Need to make them more project-based.

As with all things that I immersed myself into I am beginning to feel a void. I am going to miss having that new page to make. I really spent a lot of time at the computer working on my sites. Tweaking little things here and there. I wish I knew more. I look at some of my classmates pages and they are so much better than mine. There are things I want to incorporate into pages but not quite sure how. I wish there was 502 part 2. I look at my 501 teacher’s portfolio site and know I can’t make that. Maybe by the end of the 2 yrs or so I will be able to.

So as I say good bye to 502 I look forward to next semester when I take 503 and 513. May you be as stimulating and satisfying to me as 502 has been.


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