Creating My Learning Log

I actually created this learning log last semester for EDTECH 501. Prior to last semester, I had experience using WordPress for my own personal blog and for a “course website” I use to teach a flipped course on perioperative medicine. WordPress, and probably most other blogging software, is a cheap and easy way to create a website for personal, educational, and business uses. There are many templates (free and fee-based) that can be adapted to your needs. I pay a fee for my other WordPress accounts so my readers don’t have to put up with advertising and so that I can have my desired web address.

This activity is best reflected in AECT standard 2.1 (creating). According to this document from the  AECT website standard 2.1 states that “Candidates apply content pedagogy to create appropriate applications of processes and technologies to improve learning and performance outcomes“. This site is an appropriate technology to demonstrate my knowledge and skills. It will contain artifacts that I create during the course of my studies in EDTECH 513 that I plan to use to improve knowledge and skills of my colleagues and learners at UAB. I don’t think standard 2.3 fits here as I am not assessing or evaluating.

I found another set of standards by the same group in which 2.3 is appropriate as it deals with computer-based technologies. Specifically, 2.3.2 (Design, produce, and use digital information with computer-based technologies) would be most appropriate to this activity. These seem to be initial standards that were then revised to the standards that are above. If I am wrong someone please correct me.

I look forward to learning with and from all of you.


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