Worked Example Screencast: Calculating patient-specific estimates of effect

One of my main areas of instruction is on evidence-based medicine. EBM is evolving from focusing on critical appraisal of studies to how to apply study findings to individual patients. There is also a movement in medicine called shared decision making where patients are empowered to be more active in deciding what therapies they do and do not want. The focus of my screencast is to demonstrate to medical students and residents how to use the findings of a study to estimate an individual patient’s benefit from a therapy. (please play the video in HD. YouTube defaults to non-HD and it looks blurry.)

I created this using Autodesk Sketchbook Epress (the background that I write upon) and a Wacom Bamboo tablet (what I use to write). I recorded with Screnncast-o-matic. I used the annotations feature in YouTube to link the second video containing the practice exercise.


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