EDTECH 522 Rich Media Tutorial

I learned about rich media during this module and developed a tutorial for teachers on how to develop an interactive video using the annotations feature in YouTube. I had some trouble with the audio on the intro portion of the video. After several takes I just couldn’t get it to sync well. Its one of the problems when you use subpar equipment. Here is the video

Interactive videos are more engaging than regular videos. They take more work to make though. You have to have multiple videos and link to them. So I made the parent video above and then made another video for the 3rd choice during the interactive segment. The parent video is public but the link to videos are made unlisted so that they dont get found and watched without context. The other videos for choices 1 and 2 are other videos I found on YouTube.

I also explored the concept of rich media. I had some concept of what it was but not as defined as I needed. The video below explains the concept fairly well and has 3 other videos in the series that I recommend watching.

I was intrigued by the debate presented in the video above about whether or not media influences  learning. My constructivist leanings leads me to feel that it does (or I wouldn’t be getting a Master in Educational Technology) if nothing else because the learning environment (the media) influences how we construct and make meaning of new knowledge. Its important to note, like the author of the video states, that media must have a purpose and instructional context. Just using a tool for a tools sake will not matter unless there is a reason to use that tool to facilitate learning.

Finally, I came across this article today which showed that reading something on paper leads to better understanding that using an e-reader to read the same material. I think this speaks to points made in the video that using the simplest technology that can get the job done (in this case paper) works better than more advanced technology. The findings of this study makes sense to me as I don’t like reading important information on my iPad. I am a highlighter (yes I know that doesn’t really improve memory) and a scribbler as I read. Its easier on paper than on an electronic medium. I like to be able to easily flip around the paper to reread things. That too is easier with paper than electronic media.


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