EDTECH 506 Assignment: The Functional Use of Shape

General Arthrocentesis Procedure

General Arthrocentesis Procedure

I am designing a blended course on arthrocentesis (inserting a needle into a joint to either remove fluid or inject medication). The graphic I designed describes the general process for performing arthrocentesis. It might be used in the introduction section of the course. Each of the images was found by searching Google images and was labelled for reuse with no attribution.

Write a justification paper for the activity you select. Describe the following:

  • Your users and the assumptions you make about them (such as age, reading level, and assumed skills). My users are internal medicine residents who have graduated from medical school. This graphic will be used in the introduction section of the course. They know the anatomy of all the joints they would have to perform this procedure on.
  • Why you think your solution will work; include at least two ideas from the book, including page numbers and your interpretation of the passage used. I believe my design will work because it demonstrates the procedure graphically and the arrows between images show a process or steps (Lohr 2008, Figure 10-2, pg. 251). I think it also works because the overall semicircular layout of the graphic will help learners perceive it as a whole. “A shape can be an effective way of presenting related but distinct information as a unit” (Lohr 2008, pg. 250). Each of the steps is distinct but related to the whole unit.
  • What you learned from a “user-test” (have someone look at the image and verbalize their thoughts while looking at the image). I asked a physician colleague if the graphic adequately displayed the basic procedure of arthrocentesis. He felt it was easy to understand and conveyed the main steps in arthrocentesis. He didn’t feel any changes were needed.
  • The changes you will make based on user comments (or create a revised image). I made no changes to the image. I considered trying to create animation of the syringe and needle going in and out in the 4th and 6th images, respectively. My skills aren’t good enough to do that and I didn’t know how well it would work on a webpage so I didn’t want to dedicate the time to something I might not use. I also considered a small thin arrow positioned just above each of the syringes showing the direction of movement of the syringe but I figured the positioning of the syringe and needle (in the joint and outside the joint) conveyed the information adequately and I was worried having too many arrows on the graphic would make it look less professional and possibly be more confusing.

I look forward to your feedback.


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