EDTECH 506 Assignment: ACE and PAT

Week 6 Graphic_ Fluid Analysis-3

I am designing a blended course on arthrocentesis (inserting a needle into a joint to either remove fluid or inject medication). The graphic above describes the types of fluid that can be obtained from a joint and its diagnostic characteristics. The circles (I chose circles because when you look in a microscope the visual field is circular) indicate what would be seen under a microscope (the cell is demonstrating the predominant cell type for each type of fluid and the numbers below the cells indicate the cell count in that type of fluid). The syringes depict what the fluid would look like when it is drawn from the joint. This graphic will be used in the “Basic Principles” section of the course. I created the image using Google Drawings. The cells are labelled for reuse from Wikimedia.

Write a justification paper for the activity you select. Describe the following:

  • Your users and the assumptions you make about them (such as age, reading level, and assumed skills). My users are internal medicine residents who have graduated from medical school. They would recognize the cells in the graphic and understand all the terms.
  • Why you think your solution will work; include at least two ideas from the book, including page numbers and your interpretation of the passage used. I believe my design will work because it demonstrates the types of fluid with an image vs the traditional method of demonstrating these findings using a table. I use shape to facilitate comparison of the types of fluid (Lohr 2008, p. 252). I also use shape, via arrows, to make connections between the microscope and the circles (Lohr 2008, p. 254). Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense what the circles were depicting. I use a sans serif font (Trebuchet) to improve legibility of the title of the graphic and the text inside the circles. I am more concerned with legibility than readability as there are only short bursts of text instead of long passages of text (Lohr 2008, p. 227).
  • What you learned from a “user-test” (have someone look at the image and verbalize their thoughts while looking at the image). I asked 4 learners to evaluate the image. I asked for their overall gestalt about what the image was depicting and then specifically about what each of the circles was depicting, the cells in the circles, the numbers, and the color scheme of the circles (previously they were colored to depict the fluid color as shown in the syringes). I also asked them about some other elements I had in the graphic (triangles to depict the circles coming from the eyepiece of the microscope vs a dashed line below the microscope to each circle).

Learners understood that the graphic was depicting the possible types of joint fluid and what the testing of the fluid would reveal. Learners preferred the dashed line instead of the triangles coming from the microscope to each circle. They didn’t realize that circle color depicted fluid color and suggested putting a syringe with colored fluid in it to depict this aspect. They understood the cells and numbers below it. I thought the microscope looked weird but the learners liked it.

  • The changes you will make based on user comments (or create a revised image). I changed the image by removing the triangles and using dashed lines from the microscope to the circles. I created colored syringes to depict what the color of the joint fluid would be in a syringe and placed them under the corresponding circles. I changed all circles to the same white background.



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