EDTECH 506 Assignment: Color


This week we studied the uses and effect of color in designing a learning graphic.  The graphic above helps learners differentiate two types of crystals found in joint fluid which are commonly confused with each other. I used this graphic previously but have altered the color scheme some. Color plays an important role in this graphic. I created the image using Google Drawings.

Write a justification paper for the activity you select. Describe the following:

  • Your users and the assumptions you make about them (such as age, reading level, and assumed skills). My users are internal medicine residents who have graduated from medical school. They know all the terms used in the graphic.
  • Why you think your solution will work; include at least two ideas from the book, including page numbers and your interpretation of the passage used. Color plays an important role in this graphic. According to the textbook color has 4 instructional functions: labeling, identifying quantity and measurement, representing reality, and aesthetics. (Lohr 2008, p. 265). I use color to represent reality. The colors of the crystals approximate the true colors of the crystals. The purple circles approximate the background as seen in a polarized microscope. I also use color to label or differentiate information. I chose different colors for the text describing each of the crystal types to help learners remember the differences between the crystals. While the colors of the text aren’t exactly the same as the color of the crystals but they are representative of the color. I think the color of the text makes this information stand out thus helping selection (Lohr 2008, p. 267). I decided in this iteration to make the labels (Gout and pseudogout) the same color as the text hoping to tie it together better.
  • What you learned from a “user-test” (have someone look at the image and verbalize their thoughts while looking at the image). I asked several learners to evaluate the image. I asked them specifically about the color scheme of the text describing the crystals.

They commented that they liked the color scheme. They felt it would help remember the information better than if the text had been in black. They also felt that using black font color was fine for the words “Gout or Pseudogout?”.

  • The changes you will make based on user comments (or create a revised image). I changed the font color for the words “Gout or Pseudogout” to match the color of the text describing the crystals.



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