EDTECH 506 Assignment: White space

Wrist - Arthrocentesis 101- An Online Course for UAB Internal Medicine Residents 2016-03-31 17-12-29

The above page is a screen capture of a blended course I am developing on arthrocentesis. This week we learned about white space. White space is the area between visual elements whether that be text, graphics, or elements within a graphic. Its the background color. It is used to separate elements and to direct the eye to important information. It can be used to clarify information.

Write a justification paper for the activity you select. Describe the following:

  • Your users and the assumptions you make about them (such as age, reading level, and assumed skills). My users are internal medicine residents who have graduated from medical school.
  • Why you think your solution will work; include at least two ideas from the book, including page numbers and your interpretation of the passage used. I use white space to chunk and organize the information (Lohr 2008, p. 272).       Chunking is grouping of information in meaningful or related clusters (Lohr 2008, p. 125). I also use white space to evenly distribute the graphics/pictures in each information cluster.The site is simplistic in design but has symmetry. I wanted to project professionalism since it’s a site to educate medical professionals (Lohr 2008, p. 275). According to Lohr, symmetry can be boring but I think the graphics and color scheme of the template help with that some.
  • What you learned from a “user-test” (have someone look at the image and verbalize their thoughts while looking at the image). I asked 2 faculty to evaluate the page. They felt the spacing was good. Information was broken into meaningful chunks. It was visually appealing.
  • The changes you will make based on user comments (or create a revised image). My colleagues had no suggestions for improvement.



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