EdTech 543 Final Reflection

Unfortunately, Social Network Learning is coming to an end. I am always sad when a course comes to an end. I get very wrapped up in them and make new friends that I likely won’t work with again.  543 was a great course for several reasons. First, It was very social. I got to work with and learn from others.  I learned more than I thought I would. Third, the course schedule was great for learning. Being given 2 weeks for each assignment allows you to really indulge in the material and not just rush to get assignments done. Fourth, the course was designed to use the material we were learning about. Dr. Gerstein practiced what she preached and writes about the development of this course here. Finally, I got to use new tools I wouldn’t have and learned some new skills (more on that below).

The infographic below covers the highlights of what I learned. I will go into more detail below it.


What did I learn?

I learned a lot. I’ll list the main things here:

  • Facebook is more useful for education than I thought. We used a Facebook group for our class to share content and to give feedback to each other.
  • I learned the theory behind communities of practice. COPs are “groups of people who share a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.” They have 3 key components: the domain, the community, the practice.
  • Learned how PLEs and PLNs are different but related.
  • Explored my digital footprint and learned how to manage it.
  • Learned how to maintain a positive online reputation.
  • Curation differs from collecting. Curation adds value and context to resources. It tells a story.
  • Developed better understanding of the roles my devices, services, and tools play in my PLE.
  • Learned how to develop and evaluate social media policies.
  • Most importantly, I learned how to effectively incorporate social media into an educational module.

I also got to use some new tools:

  • Twitter tools:Tweetdeck, #hashtags, chats
  • Curation tools: ScoopIt, Livebinders
  • Facebook groups
  • Piktochart

How will I apply what I learned?

I will be using the skills I learned in this class. The final course project, a mini curricular unit, will be used this upcoming semester in a course I teach. The mini curricular unit incorporated all we learned in this course. In the future, social media (in some fashion) will be incorporated into all the courses I develop. I will be the first educator at my medical school to use social media in a course. I hope to change the mindset of the students, faculty, and administration so that others incorporate it into their teaching. Finally, I will be studying the effect of Twitter as a spaced repetition tool in a course that I teach.

Finally, part of this assignment is to grade my own blog post (75 pts max).  I went back through each module to reflect on what I learned. I covered what was expected in the reflection. Thus, I give myself 75 points.



One thought on “EdTech 543 Final Reflection

  1. Good final reflection, Terry – love that you created a Piktochart about your learning and that you plan, “In the future, social media (in some fashion) will be incorporated into all the courses I develop” being the first in your medical school to do so. You will be a positive driver for the future of your school!


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