Fictitious social media policy for the medical school

This week my assignment in Edtech 543 (Social Network Learning) was to develop a social media policy for my school. I need to review at least 10 schools’ social media policies to guide the development of my policy.  A few of the  policies I reviewed were thoughtful and useful. Some were not well thought out and likely drafted by lawyers and not reviewed by end users. The key is to teach responsible social media use at a young age. It’s critically important for everyone to realize what you post online reflects upon you (obviously) but also upon your institution. Institutions have a right to expect that their employees will help promote a positive image for the institution.  I never even knew UAB had a social media policy.  These policies need to be disseminated periodically to remind all of us of our duty to our employers.

Review the policy I created here. NOTE: this is a class exercise and the linked policy is a class assignment and not the policy of UAB School of Medicine. In the references section I link to UAB’s actual social media policy.